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Classes and Curriculum

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Enrolment and Teachers

How do I enrol my child?

Before enrolment, Ikigai Math provides a parent and child consultation to understand the challenges, needs and profile of each child. Subsequently, we will recommend suitable timeslots and help your child get started on the IKIGAI Learning Journey. Register for your complimentary consult here. If you are referred to us 

by any our our existing parents/students or teachers, kindly Whatsapp us at  +65 80288981 with the name of the referral.

What do I get out of the complimentary consult?

Ikigai Math provides a parent and child consultation to understand the challenges, needs and profile of each child. During the consultation, our Directors will work with parents to create a learning roadmap through a holistic assessment process. Subsequently, we will recommend suitable timeslots and help your child get started on the Ikigai Math learning journey. Register for your complimentary consult here.

Who are your teachers? Are they qualified?

We are a diverse team of highly-skilled educators with years of experience in trusted education establishments. Our Teachers are personally handpicked and trained in the Ikigai Math pedagogy, with a teaching style strongly aligned with our philosophy.

How can I be involved in my child’s progress? How often will I get feedback from the teachers?

Our curriculum and learning journey is purposefully designed to support your child in the best way possible. Feedback is also provided to parents at key highlight periods in their learning journey. If you have more enquiries, you may email us at

What happens if a teacher is absent/ calls in sick?

Our lessons are structured weekly and a replacement teacher will be deployed to take the class. In unforeseen circumstances where the class has to be cancelled, a make up class will be arranged.

What are Heuristics?

Heuristics are problem solving techniques. Our curriculum ensures each child who goes through our programme is exposed to all the problem solving methods made available.


How many students are there in each class?

Our regular student headcount per class is capped at eight (8) students. In view of Phase 3, each class is capped at four (4) students.

What are your class schedules like?

Click here to view our available class schedule for AY 2021. If you are looking for a slot that is not available on the schedule, email us here to open up a new class.


What is your replacement class policy?

Replacement classes are offered:
(a) When lessons fall on public holidays.

(b) Upon submission of a valid Medical Certificate or school activity Letter. This option is strictly permitted to only a maximum of twice a term.

How do you manage homework at Ikigai Math?

Homework is tracked weekly upon submission of the homework booklet issued at  every class. If a student misses the submission, an email or text will be sent to parents to inform them on the late submission.

How are lessons conducted at Ikigai Math?

The Ikigai Math learning journey follows a structured learning process. Students will receive a class booklet which covers the content delivered during each class. Students are brought into the world of math through an interactive class experience with our math trainers and concepts covered will be highly reinforced through the homework booklet.

What tools and equipment do you use/ provide for each student?

Each classroom is supported with digital tools (projector and laptop) for our trainers to conduct the class effectively. Also manipulatives and hand-on learning materials are also brought in to support the learning experience.

Classes and Curriculum

Is the premise safe for my child?

Our classrooms are sanitised after every lesson and high-touch points such as the door handles, tables and chairs are regularly cleaned. During this unprecedented time, we will be capping our regular headcount to four (4) students per class to ensure the space is safely distanced.

What if there is an infected case in your centre?

All individuals who enter our premise are required to check-in and check-out using SafeEntry or TraceTogether. In addition, temperature taking is strictly required. In the event of an infected case (whether in the premise or pre-informed), we will be adhering closely to regulations regarding health and safety and cooperate closely with the Contact Tracing team to inform affected parents. We pride ourselves on integrity and transparency and will do our best to keep every child safe.

What will happen to the classes in the event another Circuit Breaker?

In preparation of a Circuit Breaker, physical worksheets will be delivered to parents prior to each lesson. Classes will also be  switched to online classes to ensure prompt delivery of lessons.

Do you provide online classes now?

At the current moment, the experiential learning process is a strong part of Ikigai Math's learning philosophy. Our core programmes are conducted in person at our premises. We are working to roll out online classes to further support students in their learning, so stay tuned!

COVID-19 Measures

What are the fees at Ikigai Math?

Kindly email us at for our updated Term Fees.


When are the fees paid and what payment methods do you accept?

Our fees are payable on a termly basis. We currently accept Cash, Bank Transfer, PayNow or PayLah.

What is included in your fees?

Our Term Fees include a Material Fee which covers the tools and materials needed to cover each lesson. A one-time registration fee of SGD 50 is excluded in the term fee. Each enrolment will also be subjected to a SGD 200 deposit. For more information on our Term Fees, kindly email us at

Fees and Payment

Is Ikigai Math new?

Ikigai Math is founded by Sonia and Geraldine in August 2020. Read about our Founders' stories here!

What does Ikigai mean?

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means "a reason for being." The word refers to having a meaningful direction or purpose in life, constituting the sense of one's life being made worthwhile, with actions taken toward achieving one's Ikigai resulting in satisfaction and a sense of meaning to life.


The Ikigai Math Method is formulated to bring together Knowledge, Skills, Environment and Disposition to help your child achieve in their Mathematics learning journey journey. Find out more here.


Where are you located in Singapore?

Our main branch is located at Bukit Timah at Link@896 Dunearn Road, opposite King Albert Park MRT. In addition, we are also conducting classes at TUAN at 133 Joo Chiat Road for those residing in the East.

Do you offer other subjects aside from Math?

Ikigai Math specialises in Math, offering only Math programmes to help your child achieve mastery using The Ikigai Method.

How do I know if my child should join Ikigai Math?

We believe each child's learning journey is unique and at Ikigai Math, we are committed to our philosophy in using The Ikigai Method to help your child apply methods to exceed in learning Math. Get our professional opinion by booking a consult with us today.

How do I receive feedback and information as a parent?

You can reach us at

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Enrolment & Teachers
Classes & Curriculum
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