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Let Your P6 Child Discover The Ikigai Math Difference Through An Experience Trial Lesson:

Help your child foster their love for Math through a holistic teaching system developed by Ms Sonia Ang & Ms Geraldine Yong.

We’ve put our 40 years of combined teaching experience into giving your child the most conducive learning environment they’ve ever experienced, to help them score their best ever PSLE Math grade - 

Now, let them experience the Ikigai Math difference, with an experience trial class. 

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Let Your P6 Child Discover The Ikigai Math Difference
Through An Experience Trial Class:

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This Is What Your Child Experience At Ikigai Math,

During Their 1.5 Hour Experience Trial Class With

Ms Sonia & Ms Geraldine Yong

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Math with The Ikigai INNER System.

In this lesson, they’ll walk your child, step by step, through a PSLE Math Concept, using The INNER System.


The INNER System ensures that your child understands and retains the concept they'll learn in this lesson, and have the chance to vocalise their questions during lessons,

To validate their learning, and clarify any doubts they have along the way, helping them to master the concept while enjoying every step of the process.

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the benefits of learning in a small class size of 6-8.


As teachers with more than 40 years of combined years of teaching smaller classes, we've seen

that students learn best when they are given personalised attention and feedback in class. 

So we've ensured that Ikigai Math’s class sizes are capped at 8 students per lesson. A smaller class size:


Ensure that your child gets the focus and attention that they need, to feel supported and cared for during lessons.

Gives them the opportunity to go deeper with your child, to address their concerns and validate their learning. 




deep and attentive guidance from Ms Sonia Ang & Ms Geraldine Yong, who have over 40+ years of combined teaching experience.

We are deeply passionate about teaching Math - so much so that we've made it our life’s purpose. 


Your child will feel the difference when we guide them through this lesson.


With the years of experience that we have, we’ll ensure that your child learns the concepts they are supposed to learn, without spoon-feeding them answers.



their love for Math in an Inquiry-Based Environment

Studies have shown - and we've seen ourselves - that students learn best and retain learning most often when they are most engaged during lessons. 


And when your child comes for this Trial Lesson with us, they’ll be encouraged to vocalise their thoughts, ask questions, clarify doubts, and even help one another to solve questions. 


This creates a truly unique environment in which students are actually having fun, and are truly engaged while mastering math concepts together. 

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During this period, Ms Sonia Ang and Ms Geraldine Yong will be opening a small batch of slots to P6 students and help them experience the difference learning Math in a fully curated environment makes for their grades.

To register your child for a trial lesson with us now, leave us your details in the form below, 


And we'll get in touch with you to confirm your registration and fill you in on all the details. 


We look forward to hearing from you!

To register your child for a trial lesson with us now, simply click here.

From the desk of
Ms. Sonia Ang &
Ms. Geraldine Yong

Founders of Ikigai Math

Sonia and Geraldine here - co-founders of Ikigai Math.

After our 40 years of combined experience guiding students of all walks of life (from students from elite schools to struggling students),

We developed a full understanding of what students really need to score their best-ever PSLE Math grades.


We’ve observed that there are 4 key pillars to creating a powerful, engaging learning experience for your child:

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And we’ve come to understand that there are

4 key pillars

to creating a powerful, engaging
learning experience for your child:

The close
guidance of Experienced & Attentive Math Teaching Specialists

An open
and vocal
learning environment
in classes

A specialised Curriculum and Teaching Method,

Designed to give your child a sense of achievement and motivation for mastering concepts
and skills.

A strong bridge between Home - School - Tuition learning - to close the loop in your child’s Math learning, with deep support and expert guidance.


And that is why we founded Ikigai Math.

To provide discerning parents like yourself the opportunity to give your child the best support possible for PSLE Math, all through an experience they’ll love.


(Without worrying about your child losing motivation, feeling overwhelmed or cracking under the pressure.)

With our holistic teaching approach, your child will learn to love Math, become engaged in mastering even the toughest concepts,